Saturday, January 23, 2016


     One day as she was leaving, after having spent the whole party making flirty gestures toward me, I asked her outright, “are you into women?”  She giggled, a giggle I would get to know well, and said, “no, oh no, I can’t.”  I didn’t know what that meant exactly but being cryptic was one of her specialties.  I learned later that it wasn’t that she was being purposefully cryptic, rather, she was cryptic because she really didn’t know, was truly unsure and often questioned herself. And she changed her mind often.  Later I would refer to her as The Rollercoaster. 
     An entire year later at another one of my parties her husband had enough partying and left her at my house.  There were a bunch of people crashing after a night of live music and a lot of drinking.  She looked at me and said she needed a “nappie”.  It was 2:45 am.  I was spread out on my couch watching the band load up their equipment.  She curled up on the couch with me, her head against my chest. I gently petted her hair and she slept.  When I was ready to crash I untwined myself from her and snuck up to my room.  After all, she told me that she wasn’t into women, that she “can’t”.
     I knew her husband for about a year before I met her.  He and I were buds.  We joked sarcastically and I admired him.  He was a toweringly tall well respected musician and I secretly always thought he would be a great fuck. But alas he was exceedingly happily married, something I respected.  I noticed on her Facebook page one of their frequent check-ins was at a lesbian bar near their house.  That made me wonder. Maybe she just didn’t like me. 
     We agreed to meet at a Mexican restaurant known for its amazing tequila selection and lethal margaritas. He was alone and well ahead of me.  I attempted to catch up by ordering two margaritas as soon as I sat down.  Soon we were freely talking and I asked him about those trips to the lesbian bar.  He answered with a shrug.  “She likes lesbians.” “So she is bi?”  I asked confused.  He didn’t know the answer to that; “she thinks maybe but she always chickens out when it comes down to it”.  “Do you want me to show her the ropes?” I asked jokingly.  “Yeah” he said “but she’s scared, maybe if she was drunk or something but you scare the shit outta her!”  “Me?”  I asked?  “Yeah you, a bad ass, tattooed, rock and roll bombshell!  Yeah, she is terrified of you.” Shortly after that she arrived and I was looking at her in a totally different light. After another round her husband patted my back and kissed her goodbye and said he had some work at home to take care of then left us alone at the bar.  As soon as he left she got very shy and was barely able to make eye contact with me.  “What’s the matter?”  I asked her.  “Dunno" she said, "it’s just… you … you know… I don’t know what to do.” 
“What do you want to do?” 
She giggled and downturned her eyes.  “Dunno, um….” And she started giggling again. 
     Her giggling was making me crazy, it sounded so vulnerable and innocent and feminine.  She was small.  She was barely five feet tall and had a perfect petite body, small full breasts and an athletic toned ass.  I ordered two shots and even though she protested that she doesn’t do shots she dutifully drank it.  “Now” I continued “what do you want?” She chewed her lip and gazed up at me.  She made a little sighing noise before hesitatingly saying “I want to kiss you”.  Sitting next to each other on barstools I leaned in and kissed her lips and she cooed into my mouth and pulled my bottom lip in between hers and gave it a nibble.  I pulled back and slid my arm around her waist and tugged her bar stool closer to mine with my other hand.  She looked into my face and smiled an impish smile and Mmmmmm-ed.  “I like that!” she exclaimed.  We kissed between sips of our margaritas before she suggested we head back to her house. 
     At her house her husband was watching football on TV.  I plopped on their couch like I had a million times.  She lowered her ass on my knee and her husband looked over, raising his eye brow at us.  “Is this ok?” I questioned him. After all this was my friend’s wife.  As the words came out, she leaned in and started kissing my neck.  He knowingly smirked as he responded “Good luck, she's only playing though. She won’t, it never gets further than this” he explained as she made little breathy exhales against my neck. “Take her out back to the studio if you want, you’ll see” he said as he turned the swiveling chair toward the football game once again.  She hopped up and ran into the kitchen, proudly bringing out a box of wine. I laughed, the only person I knew who drank boxed wine was my mom.  She was clearly drunk as she attempted to push the spigot button.  The sweet wine was sloshing in the solo cup as we made our way down a stone path toward the studio in the back of the house.  Once inside I pulled her toward me and kissed her. This was a real kiss, tender and passionate.  When we parted she melted against me.  I began kissing her neck. I tugged her shirt down and kissed the top of her breasts.  I lowered to my knees and lifted her shirt and kissed her smooth flat belly.  Her jeans were low rise and I kissed along her waist.  That’s when she pulled me up to my feet and kissed my lips.  She pulled back to nibble on my lower lip again.  “I can’t" she murmurred, "I'm not clean, I haven’t showered today.” I ignored her and focused on her breasts, lowering the cup of her bra to take her perky breast into my mouth.  She made a purring moaning sound and her body undulated against me.  “I can’t” She panted then continued “I wish Eric was here”. Eric was her husband’s name. I pulled back and nodded.  I was pretty drunk anyhow. 
     Once back in the house her husband had just gotten back from the corner liquor store with a bottle of vodka and sprite.  He was fixing a drink, the football game was over.  He gave me the told-ya-so look then shrugged.  “She says she is dirty” I explained.  He leaned over and kissed her. “Is that the problem baby?” he asked.  “Uhhuh Dadda”.  I had never heard her call him "Dadda" and honestly I found it sexy as hell.  He slapped her ass “easily remedied, off to the shower then”. 
     He and I walked back down to the bar. Over another margarita he explained that he and she had done some swinging but never with another woman.  “With guys it’s no problem but with a woman, she chickens out every time, I don’t get it, she wants it so bad, even fantasizes about women, she’s thought about you…” He trailed off. I hesitated and replied “I can take control, I mean...”  This was weird for me. I had never conspired with a friend to fuck their partner.  “She wants you there” I told him.  He looked at me, his eyes piercingly blue, and grinned “And how do you feel about that?”  I told him I was all for it.

     Back at their house she was waiting for us fresh and pretty from the shower.  He and I were very drunk. I plopped down on the couch again and he slurringly told her to “go on, sit with her”.  She came and sat with me and we started kissing. I had been imagining a threesome with them for the last hour and was overripe with lust.  He watched from his swiveling chair as I guided her down on her back on the couch and raised her tee-shirt and kissed and nibbled her chest.  He drunkenly muttered “That’s hot baby” as I licked down her belly.  He knelt and began taking off her shoes then helping her wiggle out of her jeans. She had light pink panties with tiny flowers.  This whole scenario was blowing my mind.  I pulled her panties down off one hip bone and nibbled as she hungrily sighed. I slipped to my knees on the floor as she scooched her ass to the edge of the couch.  I pull her panties down her legs.  Her husband moved beside her on the couch and they kissed.  I parted her thighs and she whimpered against his mouth “Oh dadda.” She had sparse reddish pubic hair dusting her mound and a lean pink pussy that glistened ready for me.  I used my finger tip, and traced her flesh while I lightly tickled the edged of her lips until she lifted her hip and groaned for more.  She was looked down her body and stared into my face.  Her husband had removed her top and bra so she was naked. I loved the way her body looked so girlish and feminine.  I felt my insides do a leap at the sight of her.  With my eyes locked on hers I lowered my face and planted a kiss on her pussy. I glanced at her husband who was hypnotized by the sight of us before him.  His eyes were glassy with lust.  “So hot…” he trailed off.  I licked one long stroke from taint to clit then mumbled “I think she’s doing this ...” He nodded.