Tuesday, July 12, 2016


As many of you have noticed I am back on Niteflirt and in full force. In May I started regularly taking calls again.  I quickly learned that many of you have missed me over the last couple of years and am really enjoying connecting again and rediscovering your kinks.  Thank you to all of you who have already called and we've had a chance to catch up.  Thank you to Rob, Tom, Michael, Stu, Brian and those of you who have already re-made me your habit.  Please remember, it's not fair of you to keep me to yourselves, leave me feedback so that others can hear about the great experiences we have shared.

If you are discovering me for the first time let me introduce myself.  I am Mia and I am a sexual adventurer. I am not easy to define. I have had many sexual experiences that range the gamut from D/s, to Femme Domme to tender seduction, Cuckolding, forced bi and exhibitionism, from teaching scenarios to being taught a lesson, from threesomes to groups, to punishment, DD/lg and spanking.  I can take control or be helpless. I truly am a switch. My body and mind intuitively responds to the sexual energy of the scene.  It's this intense sexual energy that keeps me coming back.  It is easier to describe what I am not, I am not a pain-slut but I do enjoy degradation, intensity and rough play, I am not mean and I am not exactly cruel.  I do like to tease and I enjoy some cbt and I like to push lovers to their extreme limits but it is done with the deep down utmost respect for you and your sexual self.

I am always open to messages and comments.  You can leave me comments here at Sexual Anarchism or through Niteflirt or you can send me an email if you want to know more about how to share a phone fantasy with me.

Interested in exploring how my perverted mind works?  You can follow my tumblr here or request an add to my twitter here.  And of course read my erotic writings found on this blog. I have stories on many topics.  You can find a story about
a man confessing that he is a panty boy,
a Dom using his Slut,
a fem slave being humiliated,
a woman with a fisting fetish,
lovers ignoring their 30 year age gap,
young willing slave boys,
a wife who cuckolds her husband at the gym,
a man who surrenders it all to the woman he worships
...and much more.

Do you like who I am?  Do you appreciate uninhibited intelligent sluts?  How about spoiling me?
Send me a Babeland sex toy egift card for a new toy of your choice. Or an Amazon egift, and we can shop together.

I do still have a cam show listing on Niteflirt.  I am not currently logging on to take random calls but will do cam shows by appointment.  Send me a message and we can discuss the details and set it up.

I wanna hear from you!

xo mia