Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Every time we went out, after a couple of drinks my husband would say, “Do you think he is hung?”
This question evolved from a game we always played.  Looking around the room I would say to him, “Ok, pick one woman for you to fuck.  You have to pick one!”  This happened in all sorts of places, waiting in the dentist’s office, in the DMV line, even in the emergency room.  He always picked his type, a curvy woman with experience, like me.  I always picked a guy whom would turn him on the most. I knew my man. I picked a burly manly man.  He would perk up and we would start talking about how much cum I would be covered with, which holes he would fuck and in what order and whether or not the guy would invite his friends along.  My husband loved to hear about me being a slut for cock. 

One day he brought home a big thick dildo and soon after every time we had sex that dildo, affectionately known as Frank, became our second guy.  I was spit-roasted by Frank and double penetrated by Frank.  I learned to beg for Frank and gag on Frank.  I even squirted all over Frank.  I have to be honest though, I loved these games. It wasn’t just for my husband that I played along.  I needed Frank to be part of our fucking, he made everything hotter for me. Plus big ole thick Frank hit me inside just where I needed to be hit, and over and over and he never softened.  As the garage door would close and my husband would drive off to work I was opening my nightstand drawer and pulling out Frank.  This became a daily ritual and as I would fuck myself hard I began thinking about how good a thick, hot, pulsating real cock would feel.  Truth is, I was the slut for cock my husband fantasized about. 

My dreams started to come true the day I set up a profile on a “strictly hook ups” dating site.  It turned out that there were plenty of manly men would wanted to give a curvy mature woman the cock she needed.  The challenge was to find one that reminded me of Frank.  The good thing was these guys were not shy and my inbox was quickly filled with photos and video clips of guys dicks. One day I received the email that I needed.  This guy was an ex-jock who coached part time.  He was a competitive power lifter.  He had a big beard and his powerful arms were covered with colorful tattoos.  But most importantly he sent a video of his decorated arm slowly stroking a heavy, lengthy thickly veined cock with fat hairless balls.  That cock became my obsession.  I ran late to work every day because I found it hard to stop watching that video and masturbating. I soon started returning the favor and sending the guy videos of myself, legs spread and pounding my pussy with my replica.  Then we started skyping together. He was in his pickup truck, parked and stroking while watching me suck and fuck his doppelganger.  I was so inflamed by the thought of his cock that I started becoming careless, before the garage door even closed I was making the skype call.  I was fingering myself on cam in my car during my lunch breaks, I even called in sick work on multiple occasions because making myself come four, five and sometimes as much as eight times in a day takes time. 

One day everything changed though.  I was in the throes of my first orgasm, loudly crying out while staring intently at my laptop screen at my hot tattooed muscleman shoot a thick wad of creamy cum when, unnoticed by me, my husband had come back home and hearing the sounds of my passion, snuck into the bedroom to investigate.  He had listened and watched from the hallway for long enough to realize I was on cam with someone.  When I finally noticed him standing in the doorway, his cock was out and he was stroking.  He put his finger to his lips and make a silent shhhhh then pointed to the screen as he crept closer to the bed and positioned himself off camera but where he could see the screen. When he saw what I was looking at he made a choked groaning noise, part pain and part ball tightening excitement. Both the men’s hands never stopped rubbing their shafts.  I rolled over and put my ass in the air and reached between my legs and started shoving the rubber cock in and out of my dipping hole.  My clit was throbbing as I glanced between the two hard dicks.  A second orgasm washed over me as my husband’s hot jizz splashed across my calves.  The cam session lasted for another hour, I came harder than I ever remembered cumming and my husband hot a second load halfway across the room staring at that big dick and imagining me taking it in every hole. 
I shut the laptop and looked at my spent husband.  He sat on the bed and took a deep breath. 

Finally he looked at me and said “You have to invite him over”.  I nodded. 
“What’s his name?” he continued. I replied “Frank”.

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